Dangers of a Non-World Wide Web

World Economic Forum 2016 Internet initiative White Paper on Internet Fragmentation by William J. Drake, Vinton G. Cerf, Wolfgang Kleinwächter. No…

Exploring OneDrive for Business

Using Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business for Exploring New Ways to Work Together, I’m presenting a high level introduction to some…
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Why I Like Hanging Out With You

Running my own business brings many opportunities and rewards. Along with atypical daily snafus, and the more typical longer-term challenges,…

Three Cool iPad Apps I Use

Many people use their iPad as an entertainment and digital consumption device, but it has some powerful data capture, productivity,…

Spectacles of 2011

We’re closing 2011 with pictures of some of the places, events. Great Barry Manilow show at Paris Hotel in Las…


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