Little Known Ways to Dump Poor Sales Results, Once and For All

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How many times have you had a conversation with a salesperson that didn’t work? You may have grown tired, bored, distressed, bothered, or annoyed. You’re thinking “Why doesn’t he now ask me what’s important to me?” Or, you were the salesperson, and you recognized later that you missed the mark. Ouch!

Your career, your company’s reputation, perhaps even our economy’s future depends on you getting better in this area. As a sales person looking to influence others or sell something, your success depends on making friends, having the knowledge, the skill, the expertise, motivation, belief; not to mention the ability to communicate, use empathy, and more.

In my upcoming series of six posts, I will put a spotlight on several aspects of building sales and forging stronger connections with your prospective customers, clients, partners, associates, and the public.

A Look at the Sales Strategies Series

The second post addresses the requirement that you create and communicate a compelling and enduring value proposition. The third piece covers why you’re the next person they’re going to seek to solve their problem. Following that, the fourth entry focuses on secrets of how to attract and grow more revenues from new and existing customers. The fifth notice will show how to ply your value proposition, resisting the squeeze. I’ll post characteristics of great sales professionalism using an example in the sixth installment, and I most likely will continue to periodically address additional aspects of the impact of a great sales strategy.

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