In law firms, cutting the spending budgets has hit the Information Technology systems. Intentional Management is laser focused on helping legal administrators and managing partners accomplish their work loads using exceptional technical skills, responsive service attention, and cloud services.



Practice Tools

Typical tools to support office processes include computer system, telephone system, practice management software, accounting, time and billing system, document management. Except for the hardware, much of these capabilities can be obtained for low monthly subscription rates.

Messaging System

On the email system, we recommend Microsoft Office 365 or Google for hosting email in the cloud. They have high uptimes, are accessible through a web browser from virtually any connect device, can recover data, and secure it simply. We also support on-premises server based email systems.

Law Practice Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud based time, billing and accounting software creates new opportunities for productivity for the typical law practice. No longer shackled to maintenance contracts, and problematic technical issues. The new systems are characterized as purpose built, subscription-based, pay only for what you need allowing you to focus on the practice, not in it.

Telephone System

Then there is the telephone system. There are surprisingly very attractive VOIP (voice over internet protocol) cloud-based alternatives that bring a rich set of capabilities for lower ongoing costs.

eReport for Attorneys

To read our eReport on ways Attorneys are leveraging the cloud, download it here.

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