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Intentional Management quite often observes situations that can be viewed from a different perspective and resolved to a worthy solution.  The team understands that technology presents challenges, but the process to leverage technology requires people to be ready to accept the changes.

Doug Skinner

Doug was consistent and reliable, and always kept his eye on the ball with regards to addressing his customer’s needs and provide problem resolution. He has shown fortitude and vision in growing and nurturing vendor, client, and partner relationships. He has a knack for mentoring as well with utmost integrity. He works well with people below and above his rank and strives to be a consensus builder.

   A. Tong, Stanford University, California


He got sponsors to pledge their commitment to the project, and team members to break out of their entrenched views, so things can move forward. He finds alignment, balances the resources with the requirement priorities, and grasps the technical aspects as they relate to the business purpose. Doug can take on ambitious ventures, develop a road map, and reach targeted destinations.

   D. Shimabuku, Visa, California

He impressed me with his leadership and passion for the .net developer’s work. He has an unique ability to see and demonstrate how a project’s success was linked to a clear return on investment for the client, rooted in delivering business value. I enjoyed it, because he cleared a pathway for very difficult architecture and implementation challenges.

   H. Gantenbein, Microsoft, Georgia


Doug’s energy towards his clients and his team is empowering.

   P. Papineau, Cisco, California
Doug and I worked together as sales representatives growing up in the business together. I found Doug to be very effective at finding prospects, connecting with them and engaging them in long term relationships.  His ability to meet and exceed performance standards is what got Doug promoted to lead his own team of representatives. He for sure led by example and went on to achieve many successes in his position.  Over the 20 plus years I have known him, I’ve come to respect his business acumen. Doug has been involved and exposed to many leadership roles and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him in that capacity.

   R.Ramos, Transworld Systems, Arizona
Doug is a consummate professional. His work ethic is out of this world. He is diligent, a motivating and caring manager!

   S. Lopez, Heartland Payment Systems and ServeSafe, California
Doug does a great job dovetailing technology and strategy to create exceptional value for the partners he managed.  He has a grasp of the security marketplace, partner environment and technological know-how as well as adding a personal touch that always makes him a trusted advisor to his partners and colleagues.

   J. Spivey, Gateprotect, Colorado

We moved the dial on Identity Management Solutions through the Security Partner Advisory Council.  He deals well with uncertainty.

   A. Swerling, Slalom Consulting, Washington

You could always count on him to go that ‘extra mile’ to ensure our partners were well integrated into the sales efforts.  He consistently garnered high marks in partner satisfaction and helped Microsoft meet and exceed Security Solution revenue goals. He is an accomplished speaker, terrific organizer, a hard worker, and results oriented.

   M. Wolfe, Blue Shield, California

He’s a very good strategic planner and very knowledgeable about his business.  He is eternally enthusiastic and a great guy to work with.

   D. Jow, Informative Graphics, California
Doug is an extremely professional person to work with and is very knowledgeable in his specialty. He was always looking for creative ways to work together and was extremely helpful when working together on joint

   J. Archer, Verizon, California
Doug and I have worked very closely putting together education days for the Bay .NET user group and have found Doug to be an extremely resourceful and dedicated individual.

   S. Gill, San Francisco State University, California


It is a pleasure work with Doug. I have found him to be persistent, hard-working, and dedicated with high energy and a positive attitude. He tackles challenges with spirit and resolve. His integrity establishing relationships with co-workers, clients, and business partners has created an incredible network of key contacts.

   M. Gastwirth, Channel Sales Consulting, California
Through his inspiration, organization skills, hard work, business acumen, and gracious personality, he has helped grow the organization, create partner relationships, and expanded our services.

   O. Nguyen, Softshores, California

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