Is Your Phone Smarter Than You?

How can it be that we only use 20% of our smartphone’s capabilities?

Descriptions of the issues we can help you solve:

You can lose your device, or your hardware might fail.

You can only access your info from some of your devices that are connected online.

Your database can become corrupted—your information scattered or lost.

One of your password-protected areas might be breached.

You’ve had enough of repetitive tasks because your systems won’t talk with each other.

You’re relying on an old method of managing data that doesn’t make use of the Cloud.

The Solution is to:

position your business for future changes.
claim your name, market your brand, showcase your services.
leverage the computing power you have in your pocket or purse.
have fail-safe backup systems, reliable and private workspaces.
master the tech monster that distracts and confuses you.
remove redundancy and outdated impediments.
use a smooth system to maintain a healthier work life balance.

Three ways you can increase your productivity right now!

Synchronize your Systems.

Give yourself a push-button disaster recovery plan.

Identify the glitches in your present process and activities.

Imagine . . .

. . . That you can get results like a Technology Hacker.

What would it mean to your business to increase the amount you accomplish daily by 10%, 30%, or even 50%. You can bridge the gap to success


Doug brings a high degree of passion to everything he takes on. I have observed him quickly absorb and apply new ideas to better serve his clients. He also dedicates and volunteers his time with his community by organizing subject matter experts, and managing educational opportunities for other business executives and owners.

~ Steve Peterson, Tress Capital Solutions


I have engaged Doug’s company in the last couple years to provide communication services for my medical device company. Doug’s level of service and professionalism gives me the confidence to move my business forward quickly. He makes suggestions about the technology and his technical support points us in the direction that helps us to be productive and safe from security risks. My firm enjoys the tangible benefits of having a dependable set of cloud services and room to grow as our business needs dictate.

~ Howard Gerber, Mortgage Professional


Doug is an extraordinary talent. His overall enthusiasm for his business and technology is infectious. He is an experienced presenter of today’s technology associated with all types of business challenges. Our business projects have produced great outcomes. No doubt, Doug can keep your business engine running at optimal profit. He is also very community minded and very involved with several organizations.

~ Bob Insalaco, KBA Docusys – Kyocera

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