For consulting and coaching firms, it’s more important than ever to manage your customer engagement lifecycle from first impression to ongoing engagement and referrals. The more tasks you have running on an integrated software and services platform, the easier it will be to give clients an exceptional experience and grow the business.

5-stage-engagement-modelOperational Stages


Is your brand and message clear and compelling?  What are the characteristics of your targeted client personas?  The places, groups, times, motivations for your groups.  What are the social platforms where they spend time?  What are the common traits of their situation? When do you want to be reaching them?



What reasons would they engage with you? What actions are your looking for them to take?  What information do you have to share with them?  How do you track their engagement?


What is the process used to move from one stage to another?  What are you asking them to buy? How are they taking delivery? What payment or transaction system have you set up?


What is the value proposition for them to increase their commitment? How can you increase the probability they’ll re-order from you?  What role does the community you may share play with them?


How can we foster a testimonial and referral network?  What kind of incentives, rewards, and system is in place to develop growth and promotion.  What tracking system do you have in place to monitor who helps most and what works best?

eReport for Consulting and Coaching firms

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