Ready Made and Bespoke SharePoint Solutions from Jack Frost Design

Intentional Management carries Ready Made and Bespoke SharePoint Solutions from Jack Frost Design.

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Intentional Management Partner Jack Frost Design

Three Principal JFD SharePoint Offers

Services – Plan and Build

  • Assessment
  • RFI – Developing a Project Specification and Plan
  • Intranet Projects
  • Migration
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard
  • Project Accelerators – Rapid Deployment Modules
  • Public Facing Portals

Solutions – SharePoint Interventions – SPI

  • Intervention Checklist – Diagnostic Tool Checklist for Senior Management – Budget, 3rd party products, Architectural changes made during the build, ShPt Search working, Intranet easy to migrate, Rate of adoption among employees
  • Prevention – 8 step process that guarantees success. Set Goal and Scope statements, planning structure to attain goals within scope, training
  • Cure – Don’t Worry, Failed Projects can be saved. Training the project team, creating a detailed goal and scope specification, creating a Site Collection Blueprint supportive of Goals within Scope, using ShPt ‘Content and Structure’ function to rearrange the current Site Collection into the new structure, using PowerShell commands to reset permissions
  • Migration Prep – Move just what’s important. Reorganize bloated libraries, Remove or consolidate unused Sites, Reorganize Sites to simplify navigation and permissions, Remove incompatible 3rd-party add-ons and custom code, Reduce monthly costs with a ‘slimmer’ intranet

Training – iAssist

Training for SharePoint lets you make your SharePoint environment support itself. Because SharePoint training may have retention challenges, that leads to poor adoption. IAssist comprises a sensational core curriculum for enabling SharePoint visitors, contributors, or site owners to get the use tips they need, when they exactly need it, driving up SharePoint adoption furiously, for a lower cost.

  • Online and Onsite Training – Fully automated SharePoint End User Training and Support, Custom video training recorded in YOUR environment, Executive Training (One-on-One), Online ‘Lunch-n-Learn’ adoption support sessions, end User and Developer technical support ‘working sessions
  • Automated SharePoint End User Training and Support – iAssist in sequence or bite sized chunks on demand as a help desk
  • Custom Training on Your Software, Procedures and Workflows – when it’s unique to your workflow, in your environment, using your examples, incorporating your rules, guidelines and governance, insuring consistent training across your organization, available 24/7 for viewing, cost effectively done
  • Executive Training Session – What SharePoint is, What it can do, What it can’t do, What successful internets look like, what Intranets are used for, how to detect a failed or failing project, what it costs to build or buy a ‘real’ intranet.