How to Read a Tree: Clues and Patterns from Bark to Leaves (Natural Navigation)How to Read a Tree: Clues and Patterns from Bark to Leaves by Tristan Gooley
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Best Companion Guide for Walker among Trees

Enjoyed Gooley’s fresh perspective, did not want the book to end, and had trouble putting it down. One of many transformations inside me was to let go of the notion that I need to know the exact age of interesting trees, but I’d have to cut it down and count the rings to know that information. Always a downer thought. Not going to happen in the Oak Tree Meadow of Heather Farms. Then Gooley introduces me to Raimbault’s ten stages and suddenly I have a new framework to gauge the tree’s life stage.

Raimbault's Ten Stages

Going, further It made me remember trees at one of my favorite places that I take dog Bravo for a walk–The Oak Tree Meadow of Heather Farms in Walnut Creek.

Last night about 7pm immediately upon finishing the book, I went along selected trails along nature lake and took a couple dozen pictures of OAK TREES, where I often immerse myself, reading trees.

Reading the book has served me to become a more informed explorer of trees, forests, and nature.

I thought there must be some way I could share my enthusiasm about the trees topic with my reading friends; and so, I created a guided tour of an exceptional place of vital interest to me. An oasis escaping the pavement of a parking lot, amidst the concrete urban jungle. The journey I crafted shows trees along trails I walk as exhibits to illustrate concepts introduced in Gooley’s book.

The book served as a catalyst for my armchair naturalism and I combined it with my software analysis and development passion and I added a dash of data from the large corpus of Google Earth, US Navy, Geological surveys and more to offer an enriched perspective that can make a great story or a biology lesson about the Oak Tree Meadow of Heather Farms.

Please accept my invitation to go on my guided google earth journey that combines my loves of walking in nature at sunset with silver linings everywhere, OAK Trees centuries older than the enlightenment period and nearly as old as the Renaissance, and learnings of Tristan Gooley.

Here’s a link to a webpage called google earth where the digital journey I mapped for you begins and ends ==>…

The entire digital tour renders in a browser just like any webpage. There’s nothing to download, and it is best to look at it with a laptop or desktop display screen, but if you want to view it on your mobile phone, you’d definitely want to go to the app store or google play store to download the google earth app.

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