The Shocking Truth About Your Mobile SharePoint Strategy


This week in San Francisco may be the greatest time in history that IT professionals from the SharePoint and Security worlds can unleash the potential to support their fellow employees in Mobile Sharepoint solutions. For those readers less optimistic, it may be as volatile as a propane gas tanker going through the Strait of Hormuz under terrorists fire guns. The reason being, there are two big conferences in town this week: RSA Conference at Moscone Center, and SPTechCon at the SF Hilton.

At the RSA Conference, we have 18,000 security CISO CSO CISSP credentialed persons attending. At the SPTechCon, there are over 1,000 SharePoint professionals.

Security Professionals meet at RSA Conference

SharePoint ECM Professionals meet at SPTechCon

Providing security assurance for mobile infrastructures, crafting acceptable risk-reward security plans, and implementing policy compliance with workable solutions for the users is a hot topic at RSA. A new mobile working group is being launched from the CSA, Cloud Security Alliance, and Eva Chen CEO of Trend Micro, received the inaugural recognition award for the Alliance.

AT SPTechCon, there are many opportunities to embrace the security value proposition, as depicted in Michael Noel’s Best Practices article.

For either of these IT groups to succeed, they need to work closely with the other. You know what I mean; coordination, collaboration, egos aside, leadership. You need each other. In all my successful client engagements of strategic SharePoint mobility deployments, they came together and shared the project goals. The security pros’ engagement and support of mobile SharePoint content management and collaboration initiatives is vital, especially for line of business executives and knowledge workers that want to empower mobile enthusiasts connecting to the SharePoint platform.

Security pros, please meet your SharePoint associates, when you hit the town this week. SharePoint Admins Developers Architects and IT pros, when you get back to work after this week’s conference, please bring your Security colleagues to the early stage planning efforts.

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