Spectacles of 2011


We’re closing 2011 with pictures of some of the places, events.

Great Barry Manilow show at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

2011 is the Chinese year of the rabbit

Shep at the Dog Park

Cactus League MLB SF Giants and AZ Diamond Backs Play Baseball in Scottsdale

The mighty Wurlitzer in Mesa AZ. This instrument is gigantic.

Getting a taste of Iowa home style cooking 2000 miles away in Mesa AZ.

Seeing son Alex as Tom Joad in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath at Chabot College

Watching the Oakland A’s baseball game from my favorite seats, behind home plate. Wait a minute, that guy is wearing a jersey with my name on it. Turns out he’s one of the coaches and we have no relationship.

Planting a garden, love those fresh vegetables.

Summer Camping with fresh Corn, shipped overnight from Iowa home.

In Mendocino, at incredible Point Arena Lighthouse beach.

Walking amongst Giant Redwoods, this one 1400 years old.

Taking a Pit Stop Meetup with Dario Franchitti, one of IndyCar racer’s most intense personalities.

It’s great being around fast cars.

Absorbing some wordpress security education from Mark Jaquith, Jon Cave, Brad Williams

Harvesting the garden.

Picture this! Kodak at gdgt conference in San Francisco. It’s amazing what those handheld mobile devices do.

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