What WoW Factors Are You Creating In Your Business?

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I’ve been searching for the WoW factor in my business. Maybe you have too! The WoW factor is an exceptional customer experience, a pleasant upside surprise that brings them back. I didn’t know I was searching for it last year, until I met a guy named JT Foxx. I’ve noticed since the new year has turned, many of my customers, partners, and associates are searching, just like me. It gets me up every morning. One of the things that sparked my quest to deliver and receive it was meeting JT Foxx at an entrepreneur’s event. There, I heard some of his coaching sessions with Nido Qubein.

Another WoW factor event happened when JT invited me to join him, his partners Jason Gilbert, and Raymond Aaron at KABC/KLOS radio station during one of his broadcasts. The time we spent in the studio flew. We laughed, cheered, joked. JT created a stir asking off the wall questions like ‘Raymond, should prostitution be made legal?’, Raymond made edifying statements, trying to elevate the discourse.

The radio station field trip impacted me on a profound level, raising my awareness that I need to accept transformational change every once in a while, in order to move my business to the next level; and that the transactional changes that I’ve been working on during 2010 have run their course. If this has happened for you, then keep reading about what Nido Qubein says to an Entrepreneur, JT.

Short introduction for Nido. He is the President at High Point University in North Carolina. He is majority owner for Great Harvest Bakery Franchises. He is on a mission to educate and inspire others. He’s a family man too.

Nido’s Advice to an Entrepreneur

Taking risks is OK, but manage it. Having doubts is OK, but make it right, make a decision, question it, reaffirm it. It’s OK.

JT asks: How is it possible to do what you do, Nido?

Nido Answers:

1. Focus is more important than intelligence. I don’t get off track.

2. Time management is a science, not an art. My first daily task is to do what needs to be done. For me, I initiate activities with my delegates in the early morning, so that they have the day to get it done.

3. I don’t do sit down meetings. I go to my associate’s office.

4. I let my attorney travel to me and pay for the extra time it takes.

5. Email is better than the phone. These emails are about six lines with Yes or No type data points.

6. I have a point person to run the departmental organization, or task partnership.

7. I consider my personality. If I’m on a short fuse, I am wary that it may snap and I let unfiltered comments loose. It is my responsibility to be respectful of others at all times, and not infringe on another’s freedom.

8. As a successful entrepreneur, I keep doing what I’m doing and realize there will be detractors trying to take me down.

9. It’s critical to make time for strategic thinking. An example: “If I didn’t do _______, what is it that I lose?

10. I enjoy helping other people, but I’m not comfortable with the lost time. I like the energy I get from talking with bright people, strategic thinking and planning are of highest importance. Smart people value the quality of the relationship.

11. How are my products and services different from competitors? The way the service is delivered is the key. This is the place I produce WoW factors.

12. I ask myself over and over, ‘Is there a better way?’ Can I combine, blend, layer, shape, organize, or reverse engineer to extract huge efficiencies repeatedly and habitually? Can I do it without diluting the value to my customers, but through improving my power of focus?

JT pointedly asked me “What are your three WoWs you do in your business?” Just off the top of my head, I noted: first, I make my networking and business relationships a win, win, win. Secondly, I watch my financial dealings like a hawk, and thirdly, I keep a journal and habitually spend time reflecting on my responses, decisions, strategies, actions, and future direction. The purpose for these is to become better and better day by day.

My golden nuggets from Nido, JT, and Raymond’s guidance

I need to be true to my word. Stop committing to too much. Just show up. I’ll never know what opportunities will emerge. I have multiple coaches for areas like accountability and improvement. I hire a coach for transformational work. I look for Bright Lights, meaning people that give me inspiration. I do critical actions when my will power is high. I make sure my environment protects me when my will power is low. I seek intentional congruence. I pay attention when procrastinating and stop it. Procrastination is a blessing, because that is nature telling me I’ve reached a limit and I need to ask for help. If I don’t have an assistant, I am one. I can package and sell my ideas. Multitasking is a lie. I can improve my productivity and effectiveness by cutting task switching time. And my favorite: The WoW is the heart it came from.

I discover and create WoW factors today because I know that I’m sitting on a gold mine. Part of extracting the gold is protecting it, taking care of myself. Included with caretaking is working on my 2011 blueprint, and making WoW moments every day. I’ll give you an example from today. I read to my son one of my journal entries written January 19, 2003, eight years ago. In it, I wrote a dream list with 11 items listed. Today, I’ve accomplished nine of those 11 items. I’m still working on the other two. At the time, I had no idea I would accomplish them, or even how I’d do it, but looking back it all seems like yesterday. I have a new list today, and I welcome hearing from you about what’s in your gold mine, and in your 2011 blueprint.

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