In The Winners Circle at SouthLabs


I crossed the finish line in August, and it feels good. I reaped rewards from establishing new habits, reflected in a job offer to represent a mobile device and SharePoint software firm, SouthLabs. A combination of factors led to this result, starting with a pledge to have a job offer within 60 days, when I couldn’t imagine it happening back in June. But then, I was nudged into making the promise.

Next, I made a commitment to write a long term vision and strategy statement, coupled with a 30 day plan to receive an offer. I received guidance from a coach, Donna Fedor; and I worked with some inspiring and generous accountability partners going on a similar journey. We held weekly conference and personal one on one calls. These activities are handy when short term pitfalls get at you. Incidentally, Donna Fedor’s Results Thinking and Re-Think services work on a powerful and transformative level. I highly recommend them.

Our call agendas were to celebrate weekly wins, address challenges of our intentions, and our new promises. I tracked these in a sprint weekly challenge report and kept a daily log of items labeled ‘My TNT’ list. TNT means ‘today not tomorrow’.

The biggest impact resulted from recording a handful of Gratitudes at the end of each day and also listing my Intentions daily as well. I’m quite sure when you start doing these same types of things that you will accomplish seemingly impossible goals in a short while. Why not give it a try? It feels good crossing the finish line.

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