Seven Ways to Use OneDrive and OneDrive for Business



OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are two different products. This video shows seven ways you can use each product, particularly useful for a newcomer to Office 365 and a small business professional seeking a private work space for your team.

1. IE Browser for OneDrive Business, Chrome Browser for OneDrive Consumer
-Helps you only remember what’s where

2. Features of OneDrive Consumer
-15GB, docs, photos, videos, files
-Pricing Plans, extra space, and features
-Cookie crumb navigation
-Capabilities as an Office 365 customer
-Outlook Quick Start Guide

3. Accessing OneDrive for Business, and its functions
-Logging in URL is

4. Blue Menu Bar
-Start with outlook
-Right click to open new tabs for OneDrive, Sites, Newsfeed

5. Presence Indicator, privacy or visibility with your team
-Settings, and help menu items

6. File Manager to access OneDrive and One Drive for Business docs and folders

7. Right Click in OneDrive Pro is your friend using the Ellipsis. It lets you:
-View docs before downloading them in viewer
-Choose if docs and folders are public, shared with your team, or shared with one person
-New Word Doc, editing in browser, saving to cloud folder
-Setting up Public Webpage, private workspace Team Site and OneDrive private and public
-Click flyout menu ellipsis for more doc properties and workflows

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