I’m featuring several How to Change Your Password videos for your email account.  In the wake of receiving three emails from friends in one week that were clearly compromised by spammers and cyber malcontents, plus reading several stories revealing that many of our trusted online retailers have been breached, I believe it is wise to change your email account credentials periodically. How it’s done is quite simple, especially with these short how-to videos.  It’s part of my video and blog series which includes related topics:

Changing Your Microsoft Email Password

Changing Your Password1. Security is serious2. eBook on 18 Methods to Cut Security Risk3. Attending to unusual activity on your account message4. Logging in …

I’ve outlined how to change your Microsoft Email account password in the above video.  Note that Microsoft free email includes domains hotmail, live, and their paid ones include your own domain under Office 365, msn.com or outlook.com.  Below, I’ve linked a couple video examples how to change your Gmail and Yahoo! accounts.

1. Security is serious
2. eBook on 18 Methods to Cut Security Risk
3. Attending to unusual activity on your account message
4. Logging in to your account see recent activity
5. Changing your password

For Gmail, here’s a link to a video showing how to change your Google Account Password, includes Gmail.

For Yahoo!, I found several more than a year old.  One change to note, is at the beginning of the recorded changing Yahoo! Email Password how-to video posted, you’ll find the Profile Info under the gear icon, rather than where they show it.

Who can you trust online nowadays? Everyplace online you visit that is safe has a password gateway, right?  I’m reminding you to change your email and other online account passwords. Thanks for checking  out my video post on how to simply do it for Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! Until we don’t need to use passwords in the future, it’s important we exercise password hygiene today.  There’s more if you’ll read my eBook on security strategies for entrepreneurs and business professionals.