Benefits of Being an Honesty Merchant

Reclaiming a lost MacBook Pro is less painful than replacing one
Reclaiming a lost MacBook Pro is less painful than replacing one

One of the benefits you can anticipate from being an Honesty Merchant is having conversations with all kinds of people about the value of Honesty, watching their lights go on, their faces glow; and then, sharing that illuminating experience with others. It’s very positive.  The greatest joy for me comes when we arrive at a place together in agreement.  Since I’m a merchant for honesty, agreement means the customer takes ownership for the value of ImHONEST. The solution is right.  The customer steps away from our meeting with a sense of fulfillment that they’ve solved another problem, and alleviated a worry.  In this case, it’s losing a valuable item.  The pain of a lost item can wreck havoc on our well-being.

In one of my recent conversations, I heard a business owner say I wouldn’t need ImHONEST protection. Oddly later in the conversation, I heard him say that he lost his MacBook.  I asked him what the replacement cost was and he said $1600, but he wasn’t factoring in the cost of the added application licenses, time to restore the data, re-install the applications, configurations, settings.  How much value does he put on his time? How long would it take to restore the MacBook to its former condition?  What are the worries about private data lost?  How much would it be worth to prevent these headaches in the future?  The answer dawned on him that “Yes, there is a price I’d voluntarily pay in case of a lost item, for peace of mind.”  For some people it’s worth it to pay more, others less, based on a myriad set of factors, mostly emotional, then rationalized with probability elements like risk ratios, behavior statistics. I see it all the time, the owner asks themself, “How many times have I lost my gadget in the last year?” Anyways, he finally mentioned regrets for not having some kind of protection or insurance and I reminded him that he could make a claim on his home owners-renters insurance.  Even with insurance to replace the lost MacBook, you come to realize there are still added costs, pains.  What about the time it takes to restore the unit to its previous condition?

For this reason, it makes sense to consider an additional layer of protection, like, where one can take three simple steps to create more comfort.

  1. Identify valuable items: mobile phone, iPhone, cell phone, smart phone, PDA, car keys, laptop.
  2. Affix ImHONEST id label to item.
  3. Register item on

And away you go, cruising into the world with one less concern.  It’s that simple. Problem solved. Really!

For some, that’s not enough.  Some want more. You know who you are. You want to give the same protection for your family. You want their items registered.  You plan it out.  The next time you’re with your family member and online, you help them, getting their valuable items registered. Here’s an opportunity to make a deep, profound impression on a loved one with the subject of honesty as a way to deal with the challenges of the world.

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