Found mobile phone on BART due to Honesty

The Power of Honesty returns my lost windows mobile device on BART
The Power of Honesty returns my lost windows mobile device on BART

Have you ever set your cell phone down on the chair next to you when you were in a subway or taxi?

At the moment you do it, I know what you’re thinking. You tell yourself, “I’ll pick that up as soon as I finish this other thing.” Then later, you get off the chair, depart from the scene, and leave your device behind too.   Have you done it with a set of keys?  Maybe you never do it, but you probably know someone that does it again and again out of habit.  Maybe it’s your child.

You’re familiar with the emotions of panic and distresses hurtling inside as you try to remember “where did I leave that item?”  If this is a common occurrence for you or your loved ones, consider consulting Professor Solomon for tips on How to Find Lost Objects.

I left my smart phone device on a BART subway train a while back.  As I emerged from the station, it dawned on me that I left it on the seat of the railway car.  Separated from my digital friend, I started to panic for a moment, and then optimism took hold of me. I asked myself, “Will I need to file a claim at the BART lost and found?”  I turned around to ask the station attendant if someone turned it in. Mind you at this point, I did not expect someone would turn it in, because I didn’t want to be let down if someone actually hadn’t dropped it off at lost and found.

To my pleasant surprise, the station agents in the booth knew exactly what to do. Evidently, they get this request dozens of times daily.  One made an announcement page to all the stations on the system and the other called my cell phone from his cell phone.  In less than 30 seconds they had it located at the Mission and 24th station.

This time, I was saved by St. Anthony, the BART station attendants and a complete stranger who was honest.  Whew!  I began to think, “Hey this honesty thing is great.  How can I make it more likely to happen for me next time?”

Partially because of this experience and when I found, it made sense instantly for me to add this identification and recovery service to my valuable items and I’d improve the chances dramatically that I’d be able to retrieve lost items.  Please feel free to share your stories of great relief retrieving a valuable item out of the honesty of a stranger.

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