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With a little belief in each other, we can dramatically CUT COSTS.

My neighbor told me the other day that she put her mother into an assisted living facility.  I know it was a difficult decision for her and a similar one lies in the future for me with my parents.  With the national healthcare debate, we hear horror stories of financial ruin from medical conditions that are treated or assisted living care requirements.  Healthcare insurance is expensive, but how many of us try hard to find better deals?  If you’re there now, how about trying  Looking for more assistance?  How about finding an agent through the National Association of Health Underwriters,

A statement from an editor at, Janet Bodnar caught my eye.  She says,

“I’m most intrigued by creative solutions that are targeted to specific problems and cost far less.” 

She is referring to making the current healthcare system less top-heavy.  She illustrates her point with three examples:

  1. Minnesota State Employees healthcare plan that pays for results, rather than procedures
  2. Small Businesses in Texas have Group purchasing plan that is affordable
  3. Safeway workers rewarded with lower premiums for healthy behaviors provides value to its partners and customers for the very same reasons and in a similar manner.   ImHONEST is a creative solution targeted to a specific problem.  I’m not saying that if you lose an item of value, you’ll have expensive medical conditions, but with over 12 thousand laptops lost in US airports every week and tens of thousands of cell phones lost in taxi cabs in the same period, there is a giant need for creative solutions like ImHONEST to celebrate the Found part of the equation in lost and found.  Most likely, you know someone that lost at item of value.

These perspectives partially explain why ImHONEST is so intriguing to me.  It works for a number of reasons, which are fascinating.  There is a higher probability that the valuable item will be lost than stolen.  Sure enough, one can buy insurance to protect their gadget, and those gadgets of their loved ones; and they’ll be saving themselves from the headaches of replacement.  I know you’re asking yourself, “Is the premium at $60 per year worth the peace of mind?”  For example, many readers are comfortable paying $60 per year for company solutions like Asurion Insurance or Lo-Jack to track and replace a lost or stolen item.  In my view, many more customers would be pleased protecting the loss of their item for only $2.50, rather than $60.  The coverage is a little different, because it’s based on honesty and simplicity. And it works.  Check out some successes highlighted at

Everybody has a pain threshold and losing a mobile handheld is no picnic when considering the time it takes to replace the hardware, re-install the applications, retrieve the data, restore the settings and configurations. It’s like moving into a new house or apartment.  And we’re not even addressing the question of sensitive personal data lost and the potential embarrassment of the breach of privacy.  You can take care of it with three simple steps. The trick is to do it before, not after the event.

  • Buy the ImHONEST labels
  • Identify and register the item on
  • Affix them to item

Since anyone can take care of it with a minimal effort up front, it’s a no-brainer to order it now or make it part of your business or non-profit.

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