An Easy Way To Safely Use Your Tablet In Public


You turn on your iPad tablet and want to do some viewing. You’re in close proximity to others and you are uncomfortable with them gazing onto your screen. Have you experienced this? Then micro louver could be important to you.

You are working on a sensitive and very private marketing plan.

Unbeknownst, your competitor sits nearby, screen scraping the page with his eyeballs.

When the plane lands, your competitor conveys the newly harvested info to his boss, sending your key relationship into the garbage bin.

Think it can’t happen you? It happens a lot, and with bad results. Occasionally, Spying in the business world makes the news headlines. These famous Corporate Espionage cases produced expensive and embarrassing consequences. According to SANS Reading Room report writer and course instructor, Shane W. Robinson, corporations spend billions every year spying on their competitors, and tens of billions more is lost with corporate intelligence swindlers.

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