How to Generate Intentional Gift Ideas


If you’re like most people, you’re racking your head trying to figure out what gifts would be good for some of your friends and family. Here’s an idea that might help.

As gift giving season comes upon us, I’m curious about what would be a great gift for many of my friends and loved ones. You may be too. One way to do that is to pay attention to them. Another is to have them take an assessment or personality test, then study the results.


One test I found illuminates the subject of what makes a person captivating for their audience. I know the creator of the test didn’t intend on helping me identify great gifts to give my family, but that is one of its unintended consequences.

The test is called the {F}SCORE from Sally Hogshead, featuring concepts from her book Fascinate. You or your family member can breeze through its 28 multiple choice questions in a few minutes. When your family member finishes, they’ll receive a short summary of their primary, secondary, and dormant personality characteristics, Sally calls triggers. Her conclusion: We all use these triggers when trying to persuade others. Having an awareness of the unique combination of your personality strengths is the beginning of creating impactful messages.

I have some acknowledgments for finding Sally’s fun test. I found her in a blog post from Bart Gragg, who delivers management consulting services through Maverick Business Advisors and addressed an audience of entrepreneurs tonight on the subject of writing an effective business plan. I found Bart through an exceptional events calendar, called for tech startups, organized by Derinda Gaumond.

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