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1. Attorneys
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Meet Doug Skinner

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Find your Persona Targets Using LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to find and get introduced to your targets. Are you searching for Unicorns?  A targeted person at a targeted company. The result is you make an outbound message request to someone you know for an introduction to someone you want to know at a targeted company. Finding Introductions from 1st Connections on LinkedIn…

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Google

There are a number of problems that arise when your phone runs out of memory. You may have started to notice funny errors on your smartphone. Sometimes this happens because you have used up your memory space. By putting off this administrative clean up work, you risk letting your phone become a brick. Try to determine…

Uber, a Taxi and the New Sharing Economy

Last night I rode a cab in San Francisco. The driver had the credit card point of sale and meter machines off. We were going cash. When he knew where I was going, and how much money I would spend, he said, “It’ll be close, depending on traffic, but I’ll do it.” We had our…

How to Find Missing Keywords On Your LinkedIn Profile

When you discover your missing keywords, you can improve your LinkedIn brand. In this webcast, we explore one way to discover matches between your LinkedIn profile and your targeted job description. Have you been looking for more attention from the right persons to your LinkedIn profile? Have you been getting attention from the wrong persons?…

Changing Your Gmail, Yahoo! or Microsoft Email Account Password

I’m featuring several How to Change Your Password videos for your email account.  In the wake of receiving three emails from friends in one week that were clearly compromised by spammers and cyber malcontents, plus reading several stories revealing that many of our trusted online retailers have been breached, I believe it is wise to…

Six Remedies to Safeguard Your Email Account from Hackers

Just a few days ago a news story became known that a Russian gang of hackers, calling themselves CyberVor have amassed 1.2 billion email account credentials from over 420,000 websites.  This raises questions for us: Why would they want this info? What websites are the login credentials for? What are they going to do with online account info?…

Exploring OneDrive for Business

Using Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business for Exploring New Ways to Work Together, I’m presenting a high level introduction to some business scenarios. Purpose is so you can see different potential applications to your particular question or need, and begin to match the capability of this tool to your business challenge. The overview comes from this…

How to Tell If Hackers Go into Your Account

With waves of cyber attacks on legitimate websites, it makes sense that you know how to check your trusted online service companies for nefarious activity.  It’s probable that the spammers and con-artists have ex-filtrated and bartered your email and already have one of your passwords from the past.  This problem happened because a web site…

Seven Ways to Use OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

    OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are two different products. This video shows seven ways you can use each product, particularly useful for a newcomer to Office 365 and a small business professional seeking a private work space for your team. Seven Ways to Use OneDrive for Consumer and OneDrive for Business Seven Ways…

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Remains Connected and Mobile / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Saves you from security cracks / Tips to Remain Connected and Mobile
Balances Work and Life / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Manages Technology / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Works Smarter / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Stays in Control / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Collaborates Masterfully / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Propels Competitive Advantage / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Stores Data Intelligently / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile
Covers Your Vulnerabilities / Tips to Remain Connected while Mobile

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