Have a lot to lose?

Now you have an easy way to protect yourself with ImHONEST.com

 IMI offers ImHONEST.com
Would you like to avoid the sinking feeling when you:

  • Leave your laptop at the coffee shop?
  • Drop your cell phone from your pocket or purse?
  • Lose your car and house keys?

Increase the odds of having your lost items returned, with ImHONEST.com! Make it easy for a stranger to return your found item.

It’s simple as taking these steps: First, label and register your valuables:

1. Purchase ImHONEST stickers to apply to items such as cell phones, iPods, keys, iPads and laptops.

2. Apply an ImHONEST sticker to each item. Five different shapes and sizes provided.

3. Register each item at www.ImHONEST.com. Then, if you lose that item:

4. ImHONEST notifies you of found items.

5. ImHONEST makes it easy for the finder to return your item.

6. The finder receives a reward!

Order ImHONEST labels for your valuables today! You can protect six items for just $14.95. It’s well worth the peace of mind of knowing your items are labeled and registered in case of loss. In case you wish to explore, ImHONEST.com for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, e-mail [email protected] to find out how you can also use ImHONEST to manage the assets of your small business or for your nonprofit fundraising program.


Why use I’m Honest?

  • Inexpensive security for your valuables
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Convenient returns and shipping
  • Protection of your privacy
  • Peace of mind

Have you ever lost an important item—and then hoped someone would find and return it?


ImHONEST.com is an online service that helps people identify their valuables before they become lost and makes it easy for finders of lost items to act on their honesty and integrity.
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