If used properly, 3M Mobile Privacy Film will help reduce the risk of revealing information on your mobile devices. Also effective against scratches on your screen. You will win the confidence of your security and compliance managers.

3M privacy filter on iPad
3M Privacy Filter On iPad

3M’s Privacy Screen Protectors are custom cut micro louver films that let you stay private when needed and share info when wanted – and protect your screen. Enable but save your personal information.

Your fingers continue sending instructions to the device just like before, when you ran it on naked glass.

The privacy feature gives you a clear view of your screen while preventing onlookers from viewing confidential information. With an easy to remove, residue-free adhesive, replacing the screen when necessary is worry-free. The Privacy Screen Protector also protects the display from dust and dirt, and is easy to clean.

The 3M protection film featured and offered will likely reduce your data from exposure to spying eyes, resulting in your increased desire to manage information on the go.

Apple iPhone 3M Privacy Protection
Also offered on the iPhone

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