This video clip  covers over 25 Windows phone productivity applications in three categories: free tools, paid tools, most popular.  If you’re a Windows device owner, it gives you some insights to what the software developers have crafted for the number three mobile device platform.

Covered are deeper dives on Super Calender and Note Plus, lockable and skinn-able application. Package tracker for shipping packages with 60 carriers around the world. Jack of tools pro has direction indicator of a compass, location sharing, velocity measuring the average and maximum speed, base distance tool, and altitude.


Productivity Apps for Windows Phone

Adobe Reader
Cool Tiles
OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive
UC Browser
WiFi Booster
My Notes
PDF Reader
Incognito Browser
PC Remote
Connectivity Tiles
Note Plus
Note +
Pocket File Manager
Jack of Tools
Scan QR
Voice Answer
WiFi Booster
Walkie Textee
Battery Meter
Super Calendar
Package Tracker