Dear Daniel,

It was really good you came to me about financial matter questions before the Superbowl.

In case you’re trying to figure out my perspective son, here’s an explanation because I love you.

I’m hoping you make better financial decisions, so I won’t have to go to the mat to save your *ss.

My choices are my responsibility, not yours.

Your mom and I have agreed to support your groceries and gas needs weekly for the near term.

You have a job now after years of unemployment, and we’re really proud of your transition and progress earning money. Your relationship to money is important. Your sense of purpose from meaningful vocation is important. Your opportunities for a rewarding respectable career are better now than ever.

Let’s see how well you manage our gift of $100 /week for gas and $100 /wk for groceries.

You can take great pride knowing that your current earnings cover rent and minimum payments on a couple credit cards. Future earnings will undoubtedly accelerate your debt payoffs.

I would respectfully suggest you cannot be using the credit cards or debit card, until we clean up your financial mess. I know you can do it.

Remember you were able to accumulate $20,000 in your savings account before the Subaru 2016 engine blew up, and you had zero credit card debt?

I believe you can get back to a better financial condition soon, continuing on your current path.  Keep going in same direction.

Please after all this, do you want to try to take me down helping you get through this episode?

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