About the Company

Honest Intentions Honest Intentions is a part of Intentional Management Inc. Doug Skinner, Vice President there believes the company fulfills its mission on the guiding principles of honesty and integrity.

This principle of honesty led to driving a business strategy to represent ImHONEST.com as its first product.  ImHONEST is a unique lost and found recovery service that allows owners of lost mobile devices to recover them through action of an honest stranger.  The immense upside potential of reinforcing such a treasured value like honesty compels Honest Intentions to massive growth.

Related to helping mobile device owners, you may remember the days when cell phones were for voice calls.  There were no smart phones.  And your company issued you a laptop.  Your access to the network, the applications, and the data was managed by the corporation.  Then came blackberries, then maybe you carried two devices, one personal and one corporate.  Things got complicated.

Now days, with the advance of policies like bring your own device (BYOD), there has been plenty of uncertainty lately.  Recent work efforts at Intentional Management have been to simplify the process that companies are going through to support their employees, partners, suppliers and customers using hand held devices.

Doug Skinner Honest Intentions to the RescueAbout Douglas Skinner

Doug’s career is marked by a mastery of all phases of business development challenges, including conceptualization, strategy, pursuing partner and customer opportunities, negotiation, leadership, resource management, market penetration, expansion.

At Microsoft, Doug organized an effective group of professional services partners to deliver software solutions in the US, yielding sales that exceeded millions annually.

His current company offers software and integration services for businesses seeking productivity gains from appropriate architecture, security, and connections between legacy systems, cloud services, and mobile devices with an eye towards reaching key business milestones.

Doug strives to develop and execute plans for increasing top line sales, engaging principal executives with compelling solutions, and developing leadership qualities in those entrusted with reaching critical business milestones.

He formed partnerships between customers and subject matter experts in various fields: mobility solutions, software development, security technicians, network engineering teams, financial & legal executives, and marketing professionals.

He has been known earlier in his career as ‘cash flow’ Skinner because of his ability to spot financially based opportunities, inspire trust and focus on growing the bottom line by increasing sales, attracting new customers, caring for existing ones, improving business processes, and managing risks.

His pastimes are having time to spend with family attending a baseball game or sinking balls on the golf course—in the cup, not the water. You might find him cheering on his hometown A’s, attending a home game at the SF Giants, Yankees or Dodgers ballparks.

By the way, you can reach him doug@honestintentions.com