14 Fascinating Products for work life balance and beyond, featured at CES in Las Vegas this week.

  1. iGrow, Hair grow system for Missing Hair Replacement
  2. PetBot, first smartphone for pets to reach out to their owners
  3. PhoneSoap, cleans is with UV Light
  4. Muse, Mediation Made Easier
  5. Ember, world’s first temperature adjusted coffee mug
  6. Click’n’Pizza, it doesn’t get any easier
  7. Chip, world’s first lovable robot dog
  8. Rif6 Cube, mini projector extends mobile device
  9. Pipsqueak, offload cellphone workloads to kid’s bluetooth device
  10. Halo, biosense headband to help mitigate migraines, tension headaches
  11. Zoom, a spoon that counts every calorie you eat
  12. Spire, like Fitbit for your mind, monitors your breath
  13. Ring Video Door Bell, see and speak to visitors from your phone or tablet
  14. Quitbit lighter and app, world’s first to help you quit smoking
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