Jul 102010


My brother proudly showed me his new Droid smart phone. I got weak in the knees. He’s never used a Smart Phone or computer before and out of the blue he asked me how he could improve his life using this new device and its capabilities. That was a really big question. He really meant, ‘what kind of entertainment features can I load to have fun?’

I hadn’t quite figured out what he was asking right away, but I was thinking he wanted the same things I want: productivity, and greater efficiency by connecting to his community of family, friends and customers. Clearly, he’s part of a growing consumer group, discontent with the sluggish support efforts from old-line cell phone operating systems, and he is surfing on the surge in demand for Smart Phones.

I took a deep breath because I was thinking “Do either of us know what he wants? He thinks this droid thingy will change his life, and I’m thinking it would be a frozen place in hell if this device would work for him the way mine works for me.”

As I showed him some of the things I do with mine, I could see him becoming frustrated. I noticed his attitude shifted to anger because he didn’t know what to ask, and how to implement things like setting up a password account, going to the app store, searching for apps, and installing them.

Adapting To New Technology

It was too much to absorb. The shrimp kabobs on the grill were getting done fast. The family was totally ready to have dinner. We were running out of time, and neither of us could figure out what would make our short conversation a win-win. We dropped our pursuit. Had we been grilling steaks, here’s three entertainment ideas that I would’ve set up for him.

NFL Application

All Slots Casino Games

Multimedia and Entertainment

I invite you to tell us about your stories of victory or trepidation about using your new smart phone, your successes and accomplishments of getting it done, a time where you had so much fun you drained the battery, you mastered a new application, you started a new process to be more productive, you found deeper meaning, you inflamed your passion, or the way you integrated the technology into your regular habits and routines.

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Oct 042009


Protecting yourself running windows mobile is easier than flying a chair

Protecting yourself running windows mobile is easier than flying a chair

Many people ask me, “What can I do to protect myself as a mobile phone owner?”  In one discussion, they told me “Keeping a windows mobile device is like flying a chair.”  I’d say it’s more like flying a kite, when you have the right conditions, resources, and guidance.

Whether you have an Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, Symbian, Google and Open Handset Alliance Android, Palm Pre or a Windows Mobile, all users will need to attend to many of the items listed here for Windows Mobile owners. Nobody is completely safe from the risks of carrying these items. We all have heard nightmare stories of people losing the use of their devices. These seven steps will bring you closer to the safe haven of mobile computing.

  1. Get your windows mobile updates monthly. It’s like brushing your teeth, only you don’t have to do it daily.
  2. Use a PIN to lock your SIM card. This will stop someone from making unauthorized calls.
  3. Install security software.
  4. Lock your phone using a PIN.  It’s amazing that so many of us disable this feature. It’ll keep your sensitive information private.
  5. Encrypt data on storage card. Some of these cards are the size of your fingernail and they hold multiple gigabytes of precious data like pictures, videos, music files. Most people agree it’s a good idea to prevent other people from reading files saved to your storage card. Encryption is the answer, just like locking your car door.
  6. Before you retire your old phone, delete the files. Of course you back up and transfer to your new device first.
  7. Use a simple online service that helps owners identify their valuables before they become lost and makes it easy for finders of lost items to act on their honesty and integrity.  ImHONEST.com donates 20% of its sales to charity.

With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to loosen the lines and let your mobile computing soar.  I welcome your comments and additional suggestions on safe ways of handling mobile devices.