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It’s Halloween season.  The spirits are out. Maybe they’re in your computer.  Maybe they’re pirates.  Believe it, they are as cunning as Jack Sparrow.  Today, the pirates are cybercriminals and they are scheming to get into your computer.  They want to take over your account, your identity. They want to steal or sabotage your company’s sensitive data. They exfiltrate and you don’t know until it’s too late.  We know its true, but are we doing the necessary things now to keep the computer spirits away? The real question is whether you know their tricks and if you slip up to fall into their trap. Can you sail the high seas without being victimized, or sunken.

Have you caught yourself doing any of these things because your computing experience is haunted?  Here are some signs trouble lurks.

  • You grimace at the screen because it hangs.
  • You run task manager to monitor memory and processor consumption. With it, you’re examining its performance applications, processes tabs, looking at the stack ranking of CPU and Memory app gluttons.
  • You close apps to free up memory.  You reboot again.
  • You use Windows XP.  Did you know Windows XP has its end of life in April 2014? You’re haunted by the malware spirits.
  • You call helpdesk services again and it’s not for password lockout.
  • You’re seething with jealously because co-workers with newer machines breeze through heavy processor tasks or are multi-tasking with many more apps than you dare run.
  • You missed a critical deadline, then you make a sheepish comment to team members that you need more time to get those edits done, while under your breath you mutter that you wish you didn’t need to reboot again.
  • You sigh when presented with an opportunity to download and install a new app.
  • You observe too many maintenance warning reminders that pop up on your screen.
  • You want to detonate it, like the Duck Dynasty Peterson family does to their cars or old hunting blinds that need retirement.
  • You pick up a kindle or a book to read, rather than look at the computer screen any longer.
  • You talk to your computer like a pirate. Aaarrrgghhh!

Maybe you do other things when your machine runs like its haunted.  If so, please share them here. We’d love to read about them.

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Feb 122013

I find it important to note any correlations that may explain opportunities or an impact on my business at a local level.  The sentiment results of a national survey, like the Wall Street Journal/Vistage is a good place.  Here’s a monthly survey result measuring the sentiment of U.S. small-business CEOs and owners about the economy.  How does its picture compare with your growth results?

Wall Street Journal Vistage Logo Survey CEORespondents are limited to businesses with annual revenues of $1 million to $20 million. The findings are analyzed by Dr. Richard Curtin, University of Michigan. Read more about the survey.

Sep 262010
waves and sky300

Email and social sites like Facebook or Twitter are a few of our cornerstone internet tools. It’s not always easy to tell if messages you receive come from someone with honest intentions. You use email to bank, shop, and correspond privately. You’re expecting email protection that is relevant to the way you use it. You’ve configured the spam filters, installed antivirus and firewall protection, but you haven’t found a 100% solution that will prevent online bank fraud, consumer phishing tricks, and identity theft crime rings. Therefore you will need to build your aptitude and apply some judgment.  (Incidentally, if all you see below is a square white space, that means you should view this post on my slideshare channel)

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Jul 102010


My brother proudly showed me his new Droid smart phone. I got weak in the knees. He’s never used a Smart Phone or computer before and out of the blue he asked me how he could improve his life using this new device and its capabilities. That was a really big question. He really meant, ‘what kind of entertainment features can I load to have fun?’

I hadn’t quite figured out what he was asking right away, but I was thinking he wanted the same things I want: productivity, and greater efficiency by connecting to his community of family, friends and customers. Clearly, he’s part of a growing consumer group, discontent with the sluggish support efforts from old-line cell phone operating systems, and he is surfing on the surge in demand for Smart Phones.

I took a deep breath because I was thinking “Do either of us know what he wants? He thinks this droid thingy will change his life, and I’m thinking it would be a frozen place in hell if this device would work for him the way mine works for me.”

As I showed him some of the things I do with mine, I could see him becoming frustrated. I noticed his attitude shifted to anger because he didn’t know what to ask, and how to implement things like setting up a password account, going to the app store, searching for apps, and installing them.

Adapting To New Technology

It was too much to absorb. The shrimp kabobs on the grill were getting done fast. The family was totally ready to have dinner. We were running out of time, and neither of us could figure out what would make our short conversation a win-win. We dropped our pursuit. Had we been grilling steaks, here’s three entertainment ideas that I would’ve set up for him.

NFL Application

All Slots Casino Games

Multimedia and Entertainment

I invite you to tell us about your stories of victory or trepidation about using your new smart phone, your successes and accomplishments of getting it done, a time where you had so much fun you drained the battery, you mastered a new application, you started a new process to be more productive, you found deeper meaning, you inflamed your passion, or the way you integrated the technology into your regular habits and routines.

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Jun 302010
Habits and Our Smart Phones    A crisis event  will happen to you or someone you know when the smart phone gets lost.  Before it happens, that is an opportunity to raise your awareness and start something new.  You want to enjoy the benefits of having a cell phone, but it carries some responsibility that most people don’t want to accept.  Yesterday, I was reminded of these little short-cut habits when my brother asked me to help him get acquainted with his new smart phone.   

reminder of song titled going mobile

Goin’ Mobile

Time Travel and Your Cell

Most of us consider having our phone vital to our livelihood, because it extends our ability to live our purpose.  We’ve all been cut off from using our mobile phone. Note the feelings you have when that idea takes root.   That’s a fertile subject for some people, addressed in an article by Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.  You don’t need to dump your phone to go into the present, but it allows you to traverse the past and the future to be better in the present.

3 Solutions

The anxious feelings you have when your gadget gets lost is the perfect signal that you need to take precautionary steps in case it happens in the future.  You wouldn’t leave your home or office without charging it first, right? Oh, are you one of the few of us who forgets to charge it sometimes? Let’s save that topic for another post.  Most of us charge it before going mobile.  Now, it’s time for us to extend that action step further with some protection recommendations to use.

  1. Password to log into the device
  2. Mobile security software to protect your data
  3. Lost and found item recovery service to return your device

So, you’re a bit anxious about a lost cell phone or smart phone?  Take some of the stress out, and enjoy your mobile device. Be sure to take these three steps, today.  And please, feel free to share a personal mobile phone crisis.

More about Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.

Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. authored Neuro Web Design, which you can buy on Amazon.

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Please Tell People About Honest Intentions

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May 162010
If you knew you would be the best in the world in your field by making a commitment to a certain level of effort or number of working hours, how much more confident, persistent, and passionate would you be towards your dreams and goals?


Malcolm Gladwell answers the question of being the best in Outliers in an insightful, seductive, and entertaining way. During the first part of the book, you’re wondering what is the point of him talking about a great percentage of professional Canadian hockey players with birthdays in January or February.

Hockey Players and the Wealthy

By the end, you have a keen sense of a unique theory that unifies the fact that most hockey player birthdays are clustered in the calendar with the same fundamental basis for the great wealth of John D. Rockefeller, and Bill Gates, or the long tail influence of Amadeus Mozart, and Joe Flom of legendary law firm Skadden Arps; or the fame of the Beatles? And, by the way, what does this have to do with honesty?

Belief in Yourself

Gladwell’s Outliers book illustrates how these seemingly overnight successes became the best in the world. For me, reading it unveiled one less mystery, one more reason to be encouraged to achieve my ambitions. The theory he poses that I found fascinating is that being the best comes from a confluence of ideal external circumstances, plus internal factors like talent and ambition.

10,000 Hours

In several cases, Gladwell points to a common thread where each subject took advantage of opportunities, spent 10,000 hours with their craft before they reached world’s best recognition. Gladwell’s findings highlight a major divergence common with society; and that is, most people don’t reach their potential destiny because as George Leonard says in his book Mastery; they either dabble, obsess, or hack in their journey. It is compounded by an American War against Mastery, reflected by a consumerism society, a quick fix mentality, and a never ending quest for climax after climax. “There’s no Plateau.”

Preparing for a Big Decision?

If you feel like you’re facing a fork in the road, Gladwell’s book may not offer you the advice you need. I invite those of you who are asking “Should I quit, or should I stick?” to check out another book, which may be perfect for you. It is The Dip by Seth Godin.

Your Success Outlook

In Gladwell’s conclusion, he brings it home by applying his observations of history and coincidences of his mother Joyce, and grandmother Daisy, lifting themselves in Jamaican society. The book offers the reader a fresh perspective on what it takes to reach a stage of mastery in one’s life or profession. I was greatly encouraged by its message. If you’ve been doing what it is you do for less than 10,000 hours, then keep going if you haven’t reached it yet.

You might as well be Honest-Abe with yourself, then you have the strongest foundation. I welcome your comments here on how Gladwell has shaped your success outlook.  9PPEPWBZBSFH

Aug 272009

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