Aug 112014
changing your passwords

I’m featuring several How to Change Your Password videos for your email account.  In the wake of stories revealing that many of our trusted online retailers have been breached, it is wise to change your email account periodically. How it’s done is quite simple, especially with these short how-to videos.  It’s part of my video and blog series which includes related topics:

I’ve outlined how to change your Microsoft Email account password in the above video.  Note that Microsoft free email includes domains hotmail, live, and their paid ones include your own domain under Office 365, or  Below, I’ve linked a couple video examples how to change your Gmail and Yahoo! accounts.

1. Security is serious
2. eBook on 18 Methods to Cut Security Risk
3. Attending to unusual activity on your account message
4. Logging in to your account see recent activity
5. Changing your password

For Gmail, here’s a link to a video showing how to change your Google Account Password, includes Gmail.

For Yahoo!, I found several more than a year old.  One change to note, is at the beginning of the recorded changing Yahoo! Email Password how-to video posted, you’ll find the Profile Info under the gear icon, rather than where they show it.

Who can you trust online nowadays? Everyplace online you visit that is safe has a password gateway, right?  I’m reminding you to change your email and other online account passwords. Thanks for checking  out my video post on how to simply do it for Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! Until we don’t need to use passwords in the future, it’s important we exercise password hygiene today.  There’s more if you’ll read my eBook on security strategies for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Aug 072014
malware, ransomware, password

Just a few days ago a news story became known that a Russian gang of hackers, calling themselves CyberVor have amassed 1.2 billion email account credentials from over 420,000 websites.  This raises questions for us: Why would they want this info? What websites are the login credentials for? What are they going to do with online account info? Was I impacted?  Are passwords enough for my online security?

A hijacked email account happens for a number of reasons, not all because of the individual. Sometimes the site administrator for the webpage you visited is doing the wrong thing.  Knowing how and why cyber thieves and spammers get your password can help you understand steps you can take to protect your online reputation.

This video explains Hijacked Email, and what you can do about it.  It’s part of my series which includes How to tell If Hackers Go Into Your Account, and How to Prevent the Problem of Having Your Account Compromised, changing your email password video.  Last year, I wrote a blog Business Executive Guide to Password Management that offers key advice for what steps to take immediately.

Definition of Hijacked Email
The Pain of a compromised account
How Spammers get your Password
What you can do:
-Complex Passwords
-Unique Passwords for different sites
-Watching Your Browsing Habits
-Using Antivirus software
-Using spam filters
-Education and Caution on the web

malware, ransomware, password

Aug 062014

Using Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business for Exploring New Ways to Work Together, I’m presenting a high level introduction to some business scenarios. Purpose is so you can see different potential applications to your particular question or need, and begin to match the capability of this tool to your business challenge. The overview comes from this website:

Across Functions, Departments, Roles

-Store, sync, and share
-Everyone on the same page
-Staying on track
-Delivering on time
-Finding the right people
-Finding what you need
-Making informed decisions

Human Resources and Internal Communications

-Keeping everyone informed
-Onboarding new employees

Research and Development, Production, and Operations

-Sharing your knowledge
-Boosting Business Processes

Sales and Marketing

-Making your customers and partners delighted
-Engaging your audience
-Aligning your teams


-Crunching the numbers together


-Helping meet compliance needs
-Self service eDiscovery


-Providing the right support
-Empowering people and staying in control

Aug 032014

With waves of cyber attacks on legitimate websites, it makes sense that you know how to check your trusted online service companies for nefarious activity.  It’s probable that the spammers and con-artists have ex-filtrated and bartered your email and already have one of your passwords from the past.  This problem happened because a web site administrator didn’t take necessary precautions to safe guard your login credentials.

In a previous post, I covered the topic from the perspective of understanding and mitigating the consequences of the spammer thief problem.

In this video, I show you how to enter your Microsoft email account to see the nature of the login attempts with your username. I’ve included other video links for you to see how you can do the same for your accounts at Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter.

Unusual Activity on Your Account means Hackers are Working to Gain Access to Your Account. This video covers the following topics:
–18 Ways to Cut the Risk of a Security Breach
–Cybercrime Impacts
–Guarding Your Reputation is Important
–An Ounce of Prevention
–Elements of a Trusted Cloud Service Partner
–Finding out Bogus Logins to Your Email Account
–Using Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
–Checking Recent Login Activity
–Proactive IT Partners

18 Ways to Mitigate a Security Breach of Your Information

18 Ways to Boost Your Security Posture
An ounce of prevention with Security is worth a pound of cure
check for hackers on google
Video to check if your Google account has been hacked
check for hackers on Yahoo
Video to see if your Yahoo! account has been compromised
check for hackers on facebook
How to see if your Facebook account has been compromised
check for hackers on facebook helpdesk
Checking your Facebook helpdesk for hacked accounts
check for hackers on twitter
Checking your Twitter account to see if it has been hacked.
check for hackers on twitter help center
If your Twitter account has been breached, or you’ve been locked out and need a password reset.
Jul 282014


OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are two different products. This video shows seven ways you can use each product, particularly useful for a newcomer to Office 365 and a small business professional seeking a private work space for your team.

1. IE Browser for OneDrive Business, Chrome Browser for OneDrive Consumer
-Helps you only remember what’s where

2. Features of OneDrive Consumer
-15GB, docs, photos, videos, files
-Pricing Plans, extra space, and features
-Cookie crumb navigation
-Capabilities as an Office 365 customer
-Outlook Quick Start Guide

3. Accessing OneDrive for Business, and its functions
-Logging in URL is

4. Blue Menu Bar
-Start with outlook
-Right click to open new tabs for OneDrive, Sites, Newsfeed

5. Presence Indicator, privacy or visibility with your team
-Settings, and help menu items

6. File Manager to access OneDrive and One Drive for Business docs and folders

7. Right Click in OneDrive Pro is your friend using the Ellipsis. It lets you:
-View docs before downloading them in viewer
-Choose if docs and folders are public, shared with your team, or shared with one person
-New Word Doc, editing in browser, saving to cloud folder
-Setting up Public Webpage, private workspace Team Site and OneDrive private and public
-Click flyout menu ellipsis for more doc properties and workflows

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Jul 012014

I am amazed at the places one of my blogs goes.  In this video, I read the origins for my blog visitors, during the last four weeks.  They come from 45 cities, 36 countries, and six continents. The blog post took on the subject of characteristics for choosing your next laptop.

Share Your Knowledge, Experience, Stories, and Passion with Others

Don’t let another day go by without taking steps to share your knowledge, expertise, and passion. There is an audience for you.

Jun 212014

Doug Skinner and Roger Nakayu give you a tour on the increased output that you can make by using shortcuts in excel. Our goal is greater productivity. We are demonstrating five exercises and measuring the time savings that adds up from boosting your skills.

  • Date and Time
  • Gross Profit Calculation
  • Creating a Chart
  • Chart in a New Worksheet
  • Baseline Totals & Column Width

May 312014

Having the right reading, at the right time is something to celebrate. Realizing it’s summer time, and we want to stretch out, and expose ourselves to new material, I found six blogs this week that illuminate the subjects of productivity, marketing, awakening, and self-management. They are well written and researched; they educate because the authors go deep on their subjects, and engage for their in-depth coverage on their topics.

at the BeachLJ Earnest writes SimpleProductivityBlog. It’s great reading for those seeking their own personal best productivity. She has a get started article and divides her site up by the Basics, Productivity, Simplification, Lifehacks, Organization, and Life Design.

Leo Babauta’s Zenhabits is a long lost friend blog that I found again, after some years. I’m very pleased to be reading his very consumable ‘be like water’ blogs about the simple, sublime, and heartening aspects of experiential awareness and personal awakening.

David Frey in his Marketingblogger offers very sticky posts with titles like “How to get high-paying consulting and coaching clients”, “What makes a webinar convert like crazy?”, “My 3 top subject lines”, “How to network with gurus!”

Marty Nemko has an eponymous site, He also writes for Psychology Today, has a recent book titled “How to do life: what they didn’t teach you in school”. It’s about lifetime bits of wisdom, pragmatic suggestions, presented simply and are actionable.

Craig Jarrow authors TimeManagementNinja. His writings help companies and individuals reclaim their time. For those who consider themselves a warrior, these posts are designed to help you win the battle against wasted time, disorganization and more.

Brett and Kate McKay, the main content creators deal with reviving the lost art of manliness, money and career, health and sports, manly skills, relationships and family, dress and grooming. I like their perspective and shared insights on a range of interesting manly topics.

So there you have a half dozen gems. I found them glittering with useful advice and am a repeat visitor because of their great content. I’m sure you’ve found some precious sites. Please feel free to share your favorite blog or two with us in the comment section.

Mar 312014

Running my own business brings many opportunities and rewards. Along with atypical daily snafus, and the more typical longer-term challenges, comes inspiration. One reward is that I’ve grown acutely aware of what excellence in practice looks like; whether it be in brand identity, web design, event and project management, network marketing, content marketing, social media strategy, PR, sales, professional services, and support.

Here’s a thank you letter I wrote to a key business leader that I work with, who is moving onward and upwards in her business.  We were at the corporate headquarters of LinkedIn on a business outing when she took a picture of this handsome guy-me.

Connected via Linkedin

Why I like hanging out with you.

We have similar interests, ambitions, as business owners. We recognize the importance of the right attitude, being prepared to capture the victory, being aware to learn the lesson and grow. Never the victim. Becoming someone more capable to deliver valuable service to our customers, expanding our influence. In our time together you’ve shown me your unique characteristics of success, and a willingness to take risks. I like that. Thank you.  Other items:

  • creating an online presence and an attractive brand
  • seeking new contacts, making evergreen networking activities, hosting a networking event open house, accepting my invitation to get involved in my sphere of networking business professionals
  • offering unsolicited introductions, generosity (sending me an unsolicited referral)
  • forming complimentary team of specialists (producing an event, with a great speaker lineup)
  • engaging your audience, building a community through dialogues off-line and in social media
  • thinking strategically, and creatively solving tough business challenges

What A Business Breakout Looks Like

These activities clearly demonstrate a business owner breaking out, on the move, ascending in her business by helping herself, and others along the way. She is building social currency through her volunteer efforts, raising her hand to lead in organizing events, and contributing in several communities, being diligent about the details, looking out for her event guests to make sure things are right, being an example, setting expectations, standing by her customers.

Quarterly Review and Commitment

If you have been on the sidelines, and you’re ready to take a leadership role in front of your peers, prospects, it’s time to work on your Quarterly Plan. Spend some time with it.  Celebrate the successes, gain insights from the setbacks, find encouragement if you must, make way for new promises, share them with esteemed associates. Remember who you’re doing it for.

Tomorrow, we get a fresh start on a new quarter of the year. Here are ten considerations I used recently at my quarterly review period.  Thanks to Susan Strong for this fine list.  Business owners and sales professionals who believe it’s vital to step up, reach out, make a difference in your marketing results will write out answers to these questions and similar ones.

1. How am I demonstrating leadership to those who matter?
2. What is my financial posture? Improving, getting worse, do I even know?
3. What do my sales look like? Does my boat float? Where is it leaking?
4. About my technology, is it working to streamline and leverage my value proposition, or frustrate me?
5. Are my operations smooth, or ragged? How can this be improved?
6. Have I created 10 lead generation methods? What additional ways can I create leads?
7. How is my Team and the Culture? Is it congruent with my values, my purpose, mission, vision? What can I do to make it better?
8. What kind of customer experience am I delivering? Each touch point in the life cycle of customer engagement.
9. What is my brand doing for me? How well defined is it?
10. Have I been working from the latest market intelligence, or have things changed so much that trouble looms at various corners in my execution? What is my optimal positioning?

I’m curious what you come up with in your quarterly review.  Feel free to share your wins, challenges, lessons, and commitments in the comments below.